Dawn Rumney- Sport's Massage Therapist

Treat yourself to a massage

Let the world melt around you while you are being pampered in our massage room.

We offer:

• Sports Massage
• Therapeutic Massage
• Relaxation Massage
• Remedial Massage

Benefits of Massage

• Decreases muscle tension and increases muscle tone
• Improves posture and related issues
• Increases quality of blood and lymph circulation and flushes metabolic waste and toxins from the body
• Breaks down scar tissue
• Reduces pain
• Increases energy
• Increases rate of recovery from injury or post exercise pain
• Improves injury recovery
• Reduces anxiety and physical stress by calming the nervous system
• Improves range of movement
• Improves quality of sleep


$50 per hour

$30 per half hour


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07 5524610